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Remote Deposit Check Scanners

Do you remember the days when you had to insert your checks into an envelope if you wanted to make a deposit at an ATM? Your options were either to make a deposition inside the bank with a teller after waiting in line forever, or take one of the bank’s check deposit envelope, fill out the required information and then deposit it in the ATM. Well, thanks to remote deposit software those days are gone. Some of you may already be experienced using the remote deposit feature, and some of you might already be depositing your checks via your bank or credit union’s ATM without an envelope.  


Still others of you might have the remote deposit App for your Android phone or iPhone, and might already be able to deposit all of your checks from the comfort of your own home, or from any place that you have internet access. To use remote deposit capture from your mobile phone, once the software has been downloaded to your mobile phone, simply scan both sides of the check that you want to deposit and have it electronically deposited into your bank account. There is also computer software that you can purchase for your computer that will allow you to scan and deposit to your checking or savings account. 

Being able to scan your checks and remotely deposit it into your bank account is the latest technology created to help make our lives much more manageable and convenient. Online banking has been increasing in popularity for some time. Increased security features by banks and credit unions to help make our online banking experience more secure has helped consumers feel more confident when banking online and with mobile banking. More and more banks are offering free mobile banking Apps for your iPhone and Android smartphones. With the increase in popularity of mobile banking, financial institutions have taken steps to make banking even more convenient, and the ability to deposit your checks remotely is the obvious next step forward.  

One of the reasons that remote deposit on your checks is growing in popularity so quickly is the convenience. The luxury of not have to take extra time out of your day to drive to the bank in order to cash your check or deposit it is a huge selling point. Face it, in today’s society every minute of our busy day is extremely valuable. Saving yourself a 30 minute roundtrip drive to the bank, not to mention the waiting in line and the traffic to get there can be quite annoying. It is for this reason that many of us may find ourselves putting off the trip to the bank until the last minute. 


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Have you ever carried a check around in your wallet for weeks or even months before remembering to deposit it? Has there ever been an occasion when you carried a check around for so long that when you finally remembered to cash it or even deposit that the check it was almost expired? It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that there are probably a few people out there who actually did hold on to their checks for too long and when they remembered to cash it, the check cashing time period had already expired. Maybe the amount of the check wasn’t that significant and you didn’t feel the need to make an unnecessary trip to the bank for an amount that was that small. Maybe, you decided that you would deposit the check the next time you went to the bank and simply misplaced or forgot about that check. There are a host of reasons why we might receive a check and instead of running off to the bank to deposit, we instead hold on to it. 

Benefits of Check Scanners and Check Scanning Software:

  • Save gas        
  • Save trips to the bank  
  • Safe and secure   
  • Don’t have to fight traffic rushing to the bank  
  • Quickly deposit your checks  
  • No more lost or misplaced checks  
  • Less greenhouse emissions from your car   
  • Helps to maximize your online banking experience  



Having a check scanning device for your home or even the software to deposit checks with your phone can not only help to prevent lost and misplaced checks, but it helps you to more quickly deposit your checks into your account and therefore have the money credited to your checking or savings accounts much more quickly. Having a check scanner helps to ensure that you are can deposit your checks at anytime from anywhere. We live in a time of instant gratification, so why not experience instant check cashing or check depositing gratification?  


Check scanning is a greener way to bank. Not only are you helping to save time and and gas from having to drive to the bank, you are helping to save the planet. Most banks have all ready moved away from check deposit envelopes. This also eliminates the need for deposit slips. The end result is that you are saving lot of trees from having to be cut down to create all of that paper. So, check scanners and remote deposit software usage is a way to cut down on waste, landfills, as well as allow you more free time to spend doing important things.   


If you have seen the Big Bank commercials that advertise a no envelope deposit feature at their ATMs, then you can already see the cool factor in the usage of check scanners. If your bank has already incorporated check scanning technology into their ATMs, then you’ve probably already witnessed the useful of remote scanning technology. Many of these ATMs with check scanning ability actually allow you to deposit up to 30 checks at the same time. For individuals or businesses that need to deposit multiple checks this is a great feature.  

This remote deposit capture capability that has already been made available by some bank ATMs, is not limited to just check being able to scan your checks; you can deposit stacks of currency without an envelope and your ATM machine will count the amount of money, ask you for confirmation of the amount and either print a receipt or automatically email the receipt to your online banking inbox. There is also an option to send the receipt to your email address. Wells Fargo, as well as JP Morgan Chase Bank are two Big Banks that already offer this most excellent feature through their ATMs. Not only is this cool and convenient, but it is also an extremely efficient way of banking. 

If you have a home check scanner, but are on the go and you need to deposit a check into your bank account, you can accomplish that task by using an iPhone or Android smartphone App that allows you to make a remote check deposits to your accounts. These Apps are often free downloads. Some banks offer free mobile deposit of your checks with certain accounts. Speak with your bank or credit union representatives to see if your financial institution has these features available.